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UPC-A is a subset of EAN-13; in reality, an UPC-A bar code is an EAN-13 bar code with the first EAN-13 number  digit set to "0". This means that any hardware or software capable of reading EAN-13 is automatically capable of reading UPC-A.

The reason why UPC barcodes are used in supermarkets is that it can quickly, accurately and conveniently identify product information, such as price, inventory, sales volume, etc. The UPC-A barcode consists of 12 digits, of which the first 6 digits represent the manufacturer code, the last 5 digits represent the product code, and the last digit is the check digit. In this way, as long as we scan the barcode at the supermarket checkout counter, we can quickly obtain the product price and inventory information, which greatly improves the work efficiency of supermarket salespeople.

The UPC barcode is a barcode symbol used to track items in stores and is only used in the United States and Canada. It consists of 12 digits and each product has a unique code. It was formulated by the United States Uniform Code Council in 1973, jointly developed with IBM, and has been in use since 1974. It was the first barcode system used in supermarket checkout, and the first item marked with a UPC-A barcode was scanned at the checkout counter at Troy’s Marsh Supermarket.

UPC-A barcodes can be converted to EAN-13 barcodes by adding a leading 0. For example, the UPC-A barcode 012345678905 corresponds to the EAN-13 barcode 0012345678905. This will not only ensure compatibility with UPC-A barcodes, but also enable your barcodes to cope with international exchanges.


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