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SCC-14 (ITF-14) barcode is an identification code used for commodity transportation packaging. It is a continuous, fixed-length, two-way barcode composed of 14 numeric characters.

SCC-14 barcode is a variant of the ITF (Interleaved Two of Five) barcode, which can be represented by EAN/UPC, GS1-128 or DataBar code systems.

SCC-14 barcode is a barcode used to mark storage and transportation packaged goods. It can be printed directly on corrugated boxes without the need for additional labels.

ITF-14 (SCC-14) barcode is a barcode used to identify shipping containers, with a code length of 14 digits.

ITF-14 barcode standard was developed by the International Article Numbering Society (GS1) to improve the efficiency and accuracy of supply chain management.

ITF-14 barcodes can be in two formats: ITF-14 or EAN/UCC-128.

ITF-14 is a cross-digit code with 14 digits surrounded by a rectangular protective frame. It is suitable for direct printing on packaging materials that are not smooth or easily deformed.

EAN/UCC-128 is a one-dimensional barcode consisting of an application identifier (AI) and data fields separated by brackets, which can represent more information, such as batch number, production date, etc.

Its historical origins date back to 1973, when the U.S. Uniform Code Committee (UCC) developed a barcode capable of representing packaging units to meet the needs of large retailers.


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