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The MSI Plessey barcode is a digital barcode that was first developed by the British company Plessey in the 1970s and was originally used to mark supermarket shelves.

MSI Plessey barcodes are still used in some areas, such as libraries, supermarkets, warehouses, etc. It can be used to identify products, quantities and other information on shelves.

It is a continuous, asymmetric barcode consisting of barcode symbols represented by the numbers 0-9, a start symbol, and an end symbol.


Each character contains four bars and four spaces, and each pair of bars and spaces forms an information bit.
The information bit "0" consists of a narrow bar and a wide space, and the information bit "1" consists of a wide bar and a narrow space.

MSI Plessey supports multiple types of check digits, the most commonly used is Mod-10.

MSI Plessey can only encode numbers, not letters.

The barcode begins with a "guard" character, indicating the starting point of the barcode, followed by the encoded data. Next is an optional check digit. The check digit is followed by another guard character indicating the end of the barcode.


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