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EAN-13, short for European Article Number, is a barcode protocol and standard used in supermarkets and other retail industries.

EAN-13 consists of a prefix code, manufacturer identification code, product item code and check code, with a total of 13 digits. Its encoding follows the principle of uniqueness and can ensure that it is not repeated worldwide.

EAN-13 is established on the basis of the UPC-A standard developed by the United States to meet the needs of international applications.


What is the difference between EAN-13 barcode and UPC-A?

The EAN-13 barcode is formulated by the International Article Numbering Center and is universal throughout the world. The code length is 13 digits, and the first two digits represent the country or region code.

EAN-13 barcodes and UPC-A barcodes have the same structure and verification method, and both have grooves. The EAN-13 barcode is a superset of the UPC-A barcode and is compatible with the UPC-A barcode.

The UPC-A barcode is produced by the United States Uniform Code Committee and is mainly used in the United States and Canada. The code length is 12 digits, and the first digit indicates the numeric system code.

The EAN-13 barcode has one more country/region code than the UPC-A barcode. In fact, the UPC-A barcode can be regarded as a special case of the EAN-13 barcode, which is the EAN-13 barcode with the first digit set to 0.


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