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The EAN-128 barcode (also known as GS1-128) is developed from the Code-128 barcode and is a barcode symbol that can identify more trade information.

Its application scope includes freight stack labels, portable databases, continuous data segments, circulation and distribution labels, etc.

It adopts the EAN/UCC-128 code standard and can represent production date, batch number, measurement and other information.


What are EAN, UCC and GS1?

EAN, UCC and GS1 are all commodity coding organizations or systems.

EAN is the European Article Numbering Association, UCC is the United States Uniform Code Committee, and GS1 is the Global Article Numbering Organization. It is the new name after the merger of EAN and UCC.

GS1 is the abbreviation of International Article Numbering Organization.

GS1 is a non-profit international organization that develops and maintains its own barcode standards and corresponding issuing company prefixes. The most well-known of these standards is the barcode, a symbol printed on a product that can be electronically scanned.

GS1 has 116 local member organizations and over 2 million user businesses. Its main office is located in Brussels (Avenue Louise).

Both EAN and UCC have developed a set of standards for using digital codes to identify goods, services, assets and locations. These codes can be represented by barcode symbols to facilitate electronic reading required for business processes. GS1-128 barcode is the new name of UCC/EAN-128 barcode. It is a subset of the Code 128 character set and complies with the international standard of GS1. UPC and EAN are both commodity codes in the GS1 system. UPC is mainly used in the United States and Canada, and EAN is mainly used in other countries and regions, but they can be converted to each other.


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