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The EAN-14 barcode is a barcode used for commodity identification and supply chain management. It is part of the EAN (European Article Numbering) system. The historical origin of the EAN-14 barcode is related to the EAN-13 barcode, which is an extension of the 12-bit UPC-A (Universal Product Code) standard developed by George J. Laurer in 1970.

George J. Laurer was an American engineer and inventor best known for his development of the Universal Product Code (UPC). He was born in New York on September 23, 1925. He has a strong electrical engineering background and has worked at IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) for more than 30 years.

He published 20 publications, held 28 patents, and developed UPC in the early 1970s. The UPC barcode is a visual system of bars and spaces that gives each product a unique number.


It can use two different encoding methods, ITF-14 or GS1-128, and choose the appropriate method according to different application scenarios.

It cannot be used directly for the identification of retail goods and can only be used for packaging units.

It needs to follow strict coding rules and formats, and numbers cannot be added or deleted at will.


1. Globally applicable: It is a universal barcode standard that is widely used in various industries and countries.

2. Numeric encoding: EAN-14 code is used to represent numbers and can contain numeric characters between 0 and 9.
3. Fixed length: Each EAN-14 code consists of 14 numeric characters and has a fixed length.

4. Barcode structure: It consists of bars and spaces. The width of the bars and the width of the spaces are different, forming a unique coding structure.


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