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Data Matrix is a two-dimensional code (also called a matrix) composed of black and white color blocks (cells) in a square or rectangular shape. It was developed by the American International Data Corporation in August 1994 and is mainly used for Parts, printed circuit boards, etc., American International Data Corporation was acquired by Microscan in 2008.

The encoded information may be text or numerical data. Data size is usually a few to 1556 bytes. The length of the encoded data determines the number of color blocks in the matrix. Error-correcting codes are often used when encoding to increase reliability: even if one or more color blocks are damaged and unreadable, the information inside can still be read. A data matrix can store up to 2,335 numbers or letters.


The appearance of the Data Matrix 2D barcode is a square or rectangular symbol composed of many small squares. The information is stored in a binary-code manner by an arrangement and combination of light and dark squares.

The size of the Data Matrix two-dimensional barcode can be adjusted arbitrarily, with the maximum range of 14 square inches and the minimum range of 0.0002 square inches. This size is also the smallest among current one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. On the other hand, the size of most barcodes has an absolute relationship with the amount of data encoded, but the size of the Data Matrix two-dimensional barcode and the amount of data encoded are independent of each other, so its size is relatively flexible. In addition, the Data Matrix 2D barcode also has the following characteristics:

1. The encodeable character set includes all ASCII characters and extended ASCII characters, a total of 256 characters.

2. Barcode size (excluding blank area): 10กม10 ~ 144กม144

3. Data capacity: 2235 alphanumeric data, 1556 8-bit data, 3116 digital data.

4. Error correction: Use the Reed-Solomon algorithm to generate polynomial calculations to obtain error correction codes. Different sizes should use different numbers of error correction codes.

Encoding, so the computer can directly read the data content without the need for a Character Look-up Table like a traditional one-dimensional barcode. Dark color represents "1", light color represents "0", and strings of light and dark squares are used to describe special character information. These strings are then arranged into a complete matrix code. A Data Matrix two-dimensional barcode is formed, and then printed on different material surfaces using different printers. Since the Data Matrix 2D barcode only needs to read 20% of the data to be accurately read, it is very suitable for use in places where barcodes are easily damaged, such as parts printed on parts exposed to special environments such as high heat, chemical cleaners, and mechanical abrasion.


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