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The Code93 barcode was designed by Intermec in 1982 to improve the density and data security of the Code39 barcode.

Code93 barcodes are primarily used by Canada Post to encode supplementary delivery information.

It is an alphanumeric, variable-length symbology.

Each symbol contains two check characters. The character encoding of the Code93 barcode consists of 3 black lines and 3 white lines, a total of 6 lines, and each character occupies 9 equal parts. Code93 barcodes are more compact, more secure, and narrower than Code39 barcodes. It is used in military and automotive fields.


Each character consists of 3 black lines and 3 white lines, a total of 9 modules.

Each barcode contains two check characters to increase data reliability.

By using four additional characters ($, %, /, +), it can be expanded to a Full ASCII Code93 barcode, supporting 128 characters.

Its structure is as follows:

A start character*

Encoded message

First modulo-47 check character "C"

Second modulo-47 check character "K"

Stop Character*

Termination bar


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