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The Code 39Ext barcode is an extended version of the Code 39 barcode and can represent 128 characters from ASCII values 0 to 127.

A general Code39 code consists of 9 elements consisting of 5 lines and 4 gaps separating them. Lines and gaps are divided into widths and gaps, and no matter whether lines or gaps, only three elements are wider than other elements by a certain ratio. Hence the name code 39.

The Code 39 barcode is a barcode with an unfixed length, invented by Intermec in 1974, and was originally used to identify auto parts.

It consists of nine units, three wide and six narrow, for a total of 44 encoded characters.

The Code 39 barcode was the first alphanumeric barcode and was later widely used in industrial fields.

Because it can handle letters, CODE 39 was essential in the industrial field at that time, used in factory automation industries such as automobiles and electronics, and was also adopted by the US Department of Defense as a military barcode.


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