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The Code 25 barcode is a barcode invented by the American company Intermec in 1972.

It is composed of black bars and white spaces of unequal width and is used to represent digital information. Its predecessor was the idea of using barcodes to mark envelope addresses, proposed by Kermode in the UK in 1932.

The application of Code 25 barcode is mainly in the representation of digital information, such as airline ticket numbers. It can also be used in combination with other types of barcodes, such as Industrial 25, Cross 25, Matrix 25, etc.

The format is fixed and consists of a set of dark and light straight lines with widely different reflectivities, used to represent a certain data structure.

The Code 25 barcode can only encode ten digits from 0 to 9, while the Interleaved 2of5 barcode can encode numbers of any length as long as they are an even number.

The Code 25 barcode is a double-width barcode that only supports numeric characters and the code length is variable.

Each coded character consists of five lines, two of which are wide bars used to represent numbers.

The starting and ending characters must be A, B, C or D.


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