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The Code 128 barcode was developed by COMPUTER IDENTICS in 1981. It is a variable-length, continuous alphanumeric barcode. It can encode all 128 ASCII characters.

Code 128 barcodes are widely used in internal corporate management, production processes, and logistics control systems. It has many application scenarios, mainly in industries such as transportation, logistics, clothing, food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. It can encode numbers and letters, as well as some special symbols and control characters. There is also a subset of the Code 128 barcode called GS1-128, which is a product identification code for supply chain management.

Code 128 barcode consists of blank space, start mark, data area, check character and terminator. It has three subsets, namely A, B and C, which can represent different character sets. It can also be used to achieve multi-level encoding through the selection of starting characters, code set characters, and conversion characters.

Code 128C: encodes numeric data and FNC1, specially optimized for numbers.


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