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The Code 11 barcode is a barcode symbol mainly used in the telecommunications field. It was developed by Intermec in 1977 to meet the special application requirements of high information density matrices.

Its name comes from the fact that it can encode 11 characters, including the digits 0 to 9 and a dash (-), as well as a start/stop character, usually printed as "*". Its structure is similar to the matrix of 2/5.

An example of a Code 11 barcode application is the labeling of telecommunications equipment, where it can be used to represent the device's serial number or other information. For example, a Code 11 barcode could represent a string like this: 123-456789. This barcode consists of 12 characters, including the start and end symbols (*), and each character consists of 5 lines, 3 black lines and 2 white lines.

Code 11 barcodes are mainly used in the telecommunications field, such as identifying telephone lines, switches, etc. It can also be used to mark inventory, serial numbers, etc.

The reason why Code 11 barcodes are used in the telecommunications field is because it can efficiently encode large amounts of digital information and has high reliability and error tolerance because it has two check digits, which improves reliability and error tolerance.


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